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An International Year of Planet Earth-2008 Initiative


Donate for our outreach efforts

       The Society of Earth Scientists (SES) is a not for profit organization registered under Society Act in 2008. Up till now the SES is working with personal contributions but now we wish to diversify our outreach efforts involving scientific community, common people and students. Every single person working for the SES is a volunteer and we also do not promote advertisements at our e-Journal to earn money. Rather, we feel that people at large should come forward to help this movement financially. This will also enhance their involvement and commitment for the cause of saving ‘Mother Earth’. Please contribute from your personal savings (you may save specifically to donate us) and your even small contribution will lead us a step forward. All donations to The Society of Earth Scientists are exempted under 80G of the Income Tax, Government of India.

        Scientific/ Commercial organizations are also called for financial support either by donations or organizing any event at their level jointly with SES. We also wish to work in coordination with other scientific societies and organization to achieve our motto “Join hands together for safer Earth”.

If you wish to contribute, please write to us at